About Us

We founded Barak Digital Printing Ltd. in 1984, aiming to create a company with professional expertise in led uv and solvent printing. Two decades later, we’re considered one of Israel’s most advanced print and production companies.
Print is a highly dynamic world, where the body of professional know-how increases yearly. So we always aspire to innovation and professionalism.
As such, we’re committed to excellence, identifying new trends, and discovering tomorrow’s needs.

At Barak, we are capable of printing any type of materials and media. That means quality printing
No projects are too large or too complex for us to handle – from the print stage up to final installation.

We have a very broad range of machines and technologies, from the highest-resolution machines in a small format, up to a huge machine that’s 500 centimetres wide.
Work-hours at Barak are 24 hours a day - and a daily manufacturing capacity of 20,000 square meters.
As Israel’s top print company, we’re strongly aware of our customers’ needs, committed to quality, service, and compliance with schedules – however tight and urgent – even when they look impossible.
Everyone at Barak knows there’s only way of continuing to lead – and that’s by staying ahead.

Because when you stay ahead, you’re never left behind...